ioana lahr creative

Client: ADAC
Agency: RCKT.
Role: Creative Director

#film #tvc #digital #campaign #mobility #insurance 

The angels in yellow: they’re 114 years old, have earned a huge amount of trust from their customers, and have almost 20 million members in their organization. But – how is it possible to stay relevant amongst members of a target audience that don’t and, in the future, won’t own their own car?

Working alongside RCKT, this summer ADAC launched “Don’t Call Mom”, its first purely digital campaign aimed specifically at a younger demographic, which produced around 20 million interactions online. Youtube, Instagram, a specially created WhatsApp line and strong influencers were all part of the integrated campaign concept. The purely digital campaign depended on close insights into a clear target audience, the unmistakable creative touch of RCKT, and sophisticated performance marketing. The specially developed WhatsApp line lay at the heart of the entire project, accompanied by three adverts filmed by the Danish director Peter Harton, various online-ads, integrated influencer marketing, a homepage, and numerous offline strategies. In line with the catchphrase: “Don’t Call Mom – Call ADAC”, for the duration of the entire campaign, customers really were welcome to ask ANYTHING they liked. Whether it was a question about the right tyres for winter, tips for a first date, or the best pasta recipe – we were there to help.